Monday, March 3, 2008

The development of the character rig for “Cartoony” animation Introduction

This is my final year project and I will show you the process of rigging for a cartoony character rigging, I hope to expand your thinking from the design of the character and body rig. If you’re not working at a larger studio, you may not have programming department to support you to create character pipeline or skin system. This project aims for sole artist, students or small studio and the technique are meant to straight forward, effective and stable in giving your character maximum performance.

Rigging is a very important step in creating computer animation that most artists or students completely undervalue (in my region) , it often seems easier to start working on character without forethought, a proper planning and designing process will actually save your time and avoid inevitably problem during production. In the designing process section, I will expose the designing process of my rigging; demonstrate why the character rigs should be created in particular way. There is no “right way” of achieving your own goal, artist or student should explore different approaches and assimilate for their own characters and animation.